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AnyClip HTML5 Player

HTML5 Player

        AnyClip HTML5 Player

    Our HTML5 player, with a flash fallback has many new features, including a great user interface. It supports audio playback, an option to change skin which means changing the look and color of the player,
    play external playlists, an option to listen to player events, an option to invoke player functions,  ability to move between player controls using the Tab button, social sharing, Chrome-less player option and more.

  • Player events :
        Our player has the option to listen to different events such as clip and ad events.
        In order to activate the event listeners, a parameter called 'ei' with value = 1 must be sent to the widget loader.
        then the function 'acWidgetEvent' must be implemented in the same page of the player.
        For example :
    function acWidgetEvent(id,event,position){
                if (event==='clipStarted'){
                    console.log("~~~ clipStarted");                

           Here is a list of all events that the player supports:

  • Player functions:
        The player also has the option to invoke its functions from outside, like playing a clip number and move to next clip.
        The 'ei=1' parameter must be passed to the widget then we can invoke player functions by calling 'acWidgetTrigger(loaderId,function[,value])'.

        For example:
        acWidgetTrigger('qav5','playNextClip') : This will play the next clip in the playlist
        acWidgetTrigger('qav5','playClipNumber',2) : This will play clip number 2
        acWidgetTrigger('qav5','pause') : This will pause the playing clip
        acWidgetTrigger('qav5','unpause') : This will unpause the clip
        acWidgetTrigger('qav5','setVolume','0.5') : this will set the volume the value must be from 0-1
        var vol = acWidgetTrigger('qav5','getVolume') : this will return the volume value