AnyClip Players

AnyClip developed several flash players. All them have same event flow:

      Security JS and flashVar init

      UI display

      JS listeners

      Stream connect

      Set sound volume(0 by default)

      LR/AdapTV component load

      LR/AdapTV listeners added to player

      Player sending all data needed to LR/AdapTv component

      Player starting to play

      LR/AdapTV component listening to clip and it pausing player and playing as if needed.

      LR/AdapTV component fires events during the player

Here are brief information about our players:


There are several almost similar players called LitePlayers. All them are flash players controlled by javascript and/or and unable to work without it.

It are: LitePlayer_LiveRail_UI, LitePlayer_LiverRail_FDRV, LitePlayer_Passback_UI, LitePlayer_Passback, LiveRail_Engagement

      Used in widgets and at

      No inheritance from other players and no inheritance between LitPlayer types. 

      Very small about 50K

      Don't perform API calls all data received from flash vars

      No MVC

      Reporting to our JS and if our JS controlled is used it is reporting to internal our system(fictivious) and sometimes GA, if configured.

Features: play, ads, resizable, events reported to JS, full movie, asynchronious callbacks


     Larger than LitePlayers, but modular. It has about 40K core and up to 400K plugins, so the size of player downloaded depending on configuration.

      Used by FIQ, AnyGear and AnyStyle

      Plugins: UI, Analytics(fictivious and GA), API, JS events bridge, Ad plugin(LiveRail or AdapTV), Playback

      Plugins are loaded by core that only managing it.

      Can work without JS support

      Plugin options configured by build parameters, for example LiveRail or AdapTV

      Can be managed by JS

     Reporting to our JS and if our JS controlled is used it is reporting to internal our system(fictivious) and sometimes GA, if configured.


      Used Metacafe, DailyMotion and other MRSS based partners.

      Even larger than ACP4, about 750K, but with more features:

      Buy Screen

      Discovery screens:

            Related Clips

            Clips from Same movie

      Sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Mail, Embed Code

      Next and Prev. clip.

      Marketing button


      Can be managed by JS

      Data from API

      Reporting fictivious and sometimes GA by itself



      Based on Underdog.

      Used by VES and InVideoExplorer apps and Wikia

      No ads, discovery pages, sharing, buy, search or marketing buttons

      There is customer clips creation

      Data from API

      Can be managed from JS

      No fictivious



    Legacy player. Almost as Underdog, not supported



    Used by our tagging app, ClipIt.

    Additional controlls:

            Controll to move to specific second




      No analytics or fictivious

      Data from API

      Can be managed by JS


JWPlayer integration

      In development/ Integration with JWPlayer and LiveRail plugin from it.